You Vote: Katrina Kaif verse Bipasha Basu??? :)

13 03 2009

Keeping my promise, which I usually don’t do 🙂 I will post a “You Vote” topic!!!
Today’s topic is on Bipasha Basu verse Katrina Kaif. My choice is both I love Bipasha Basu but I also have nothing against Katrina Kaif and think that she is really beautiful. Anyway you probably don’t really care about what I think and would just like to express your own opinion so… just go ahead and click on the title of this post called “You Vote: Bipasha Basu vs Katrina Kaif” which will bring you to another page, with only this post on the bottom of this page you will se a comment section this is where you can write your comments and send them to me! REMEMBER: I will first have to moderate these comments and then I approve them before they can be posted. So please DO NOT USE INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE OR YOUR COMMENT WILL NOT BE POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and hope to read your comments!! 🙂
Background: Bipasha verse Katrina

As you know I usually have a reason for choosing the topics that I choose on “You Vote” they usually have a reason behind them. So why did I choose Katrina vs Bips?? Well it’s all about there huge fight. They both claim it is because of there respective boyfriends John and Salman ( way to screw up again boys!!) Anyway, it all happened at the Rockstars performance that is held by Salman Khan. He invited John to perform and then they got into a fight ( Note: This is where the whole Sallu-Shahid fight happened also!!). So anyway that’s why Bips and Kat are fighting. I really don’t think they should fight because of there boyfriends stupidy!! But anyway they still worked together in “Race” and they both say they wouldn’t let anything come between thier professional live…Sounds like another Priyanka-Kareena to me!!
Well I hope they one day get along and realize they’re fighting over nothing really!!
So there…that’s the reason for this topic..So GO VOTE!!!!





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