Sonam Kapoor in complete awe of Shahrukh Khan!!

15 03 2009

The gorgeous Sonam Kapoor has also , like thousands of people has fell for DDLJ boy Shahrukh Khan! I mean who can’t love him…even though in other interviews she has talked about her other lover Salman Khan. She finally spilled the beans on hottie SRK!! She has said in other interviews also that she loves Sallu and Srk equally!!

Sonam Kapoor is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and has watched all his films. Says a source close to her, “Sonam is completely in awe of SRK.”She has watched all his films and even remembers his introduction scene on a bike in Deewana. In fact, when she first saw that film and him singing Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyaar Karne Wala  she fell out of her bed.

Whenever SRK is around, Sonam gets coy and starts behaving like a klutz. Sonam is more comfortable with Gauri, Shah Rukh’s wife and can chat with her comfortably.

Recently, when SRK came up to her a party and spoke to her, Sonam thought she was going to faint in sheer delight!”





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