Sonam says Vote yaa Vaat!

24 03 2009

Sorry  for not writing for so long!! Anyway here’s news about the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor, spreading the word to go out and VOTE!!!

Anil Kapoor’s little angel Sonam Kapoor is on a career high. Looking at her popularity amongst youngsters it’s raining offers for this young Kapoor. Apart from being a face of beauty brands it’s also some public awareness campaigns that Sonam is now part of.

Her first such commercial reflects her frank persona. “V – vote yaa vaat.” says Sonam. “I want to vote because if I won’t vote then I don’t count. I want to vote because it’s my right. No vote, no say.” says Sonam in her first Jaagore commercial.

Being a responsible citizen Sonam feels that every youngster should take up responsibility to spread awareness about issues concerning the society. Hence at such a young stage of her career she has chosen to support social campaigns. Before this Sonam had been part of breast cancer awareness campaign. She is also named the face of Elle’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.





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