Priyanka is just a friend: Shahid Kapoor :)

8 04 2009

This is one of the best headlines I’ve read till date!! Shahid say’s he’s only friends with Priyanka and there’s nothing else to be said!! Go SHahid and Amrita !!! Love you Pri-Chops!!

Shahid Kapoor says Priyanka Chopra is just a friend and reports of his romantic linkup with her are ‘miles from the truth’ and need ‘no clarification.’k

Asked to comment on news reports that Priyanka was the unofficial hostess at his birthday bash, Shahid told HT in an interview:

“I think everyone is in a huge hurry to settle me down with someone. Hey, I’m only 28! I’m pretty used to personal questions by now but it’s my life, let me live it my way without having to justify my friendships to the whole world. I’ll react only if I feel a story has credibility. If it’s miles away from the truth, it needs no clarification.”

He also refuted rumors of any on-set friction between him and his Hadippa co-star lady Rani Mukerji. There have been reports that the climax of the film was changed at his behest, upsetting the shooting schedule of the film.

“How is it that others know so much more about Hadippa than me when I’m pretty clued in on my projects? The film is on schedule. Rani is a fantastic co-star and I respect her as an actress. We’re one big happy family who can laugh off all these rumors.. ha, ha!”

Shahid, however, evaded another touchy question. Will he promote Milenge Milenge which pairs him with ex Kareena Kapoor?

“I haven’t given promotion much thought yet. And hey, the release date is still to be decided,” he ducked.





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