10 04 2009

Ha! Ha! Ha! I promised not to write anything bad about Deepika, but I couldn’t resist after reading this headline! It’s mean but I hope it’s true!!

Contary to the rumours of a possible marital knot, gossip has it that Ranbir Kapoor is have second thoughts about settling down with Deepika Padukone.

The actor doesn’t seem to be too sure of getting marriedto Deepika. On being asked about his marriage plans, he said, “Marriage! Come on! I don’t have any marriage plans in near future. Forget about the plan, I am not even sure about whom will I get married to. Marriage is nowhere on my mind. At this stage of my life, I am only concerned about films. I want to do some good films.”Ranbir says that he is very ambitious in life and any marriage plan will derail his career prospects at this moment.

“I have an ambition in life and I am out to fulfill that. I want to do some memorable role in films. I want to work with good actors, actresses, directors and producers. I am happy that my career is on the right track and I have some good films scheduled to be released in coming months. One of my films is releasing in October this year, another one in December and then some next year. So I am very much satisfied with my work and I want to continue with it. So I don’t think it’s the right time for me to plan my marriage,” says Ranbir.

Besides doing films, Ranbir is also interested in brand endorsements. “I don’t endorse each and every brand. I do only those brands in which I have my trust and faith. That is the reason why at the moment I am endorsing only Pepsi and Panasonic.”





2 responses

10 04 2009

Ranbir u n deepika look good….u both compliment each other…u should marry her…shez more popular than you….!

18 07 2009
Saira Younis

hey whos talking shit about deepika..better stop that or i will not let u live better stop NOW!!

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