Kambakht Ishq’s 10 Hate List of Men + Women

18 04 2009

This is the list of “Kambakht Ishq” the movie starring Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar and the 10 things men and women hate about eachother. Being a girl I took much offense to Akshay’s list and very much agreed with Kareena’s. 🙂

What men HATE about women:  Akshay Kumar’s Official List

1) What is there obsession with commitment?

2) Why does every sentence begin with our future..

3) Why is shopping a major event… It’s like preparing for the olympics.

4) The use sex as a weapon.

5) The always cry.

6) They alway’s think about babies. I don’t want babies!!

7) Why don’t they think about sex more often??

8)They talk too much.

9) They alway’s want to spend time talking.

10) If they didn’t ask me ” How I feel” I wouldn’t avoid them so much.

What women HATE about men: Kareena Kapoor’s Official List

1) They are dogs.

2) They are fickle emotionally and blame it on us.

3) They only think about sex…like every 3 seconds.

4) Their mind doesn’t rise above food.

5) They are controlling.

6) They are hypocrites ( they look at other women but if you look at a guy god help you).

7) They run away from concentration.

8) They never tell you if somethings bothering them.

9) They take women for granted.

10) They insist on paying…which century do they think we are living in???





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