Rishi chooses Katrina over Deepika!!!

3 05 2009

Here is a snippet of the conversation between Rajeev (interviewer) and Rishi… In one answer Rishi opts for Katrina over Deepika!!

Rajeev Masand: But you know waking up in the morning and reading that Ranbir’s girlfriend Deepika is…

 Rishi Kapoor: He is young and he should be dating girls. He is dating girls I am told and he is on his own. Why should he not have fun? At his age I was having great fun, he too should have fun.

 Rajeev Masand: You just di ‘Love Aaj Kal’, with Deepika. Was it an interesting experience?

 Rishi Kapoor: The film or …?

 Rajeev Masand: Working with her?

 Rishi Kapoor: We did not have much of a part to play. But yes, of course, my first scene of the film is with them. I cannot talk much about the film because it is under wraps right now, so I cannot tell you. But yes, I had great fun working on that film.

 Rajeev Masand: One trick question. Which of Ranbir’s heroines is your favourite?

 Rishi Kapoor: How many films has he worked in, ya?

 Rajeev Masand: Okay, out of Deepika and Katrina, who do you like more?

 Rishi Kapoor: See, I have worked with Katrina alone and she will always be dear to me. I did Namastey London with Katrina. So Katrina is my favourite girl to work with.




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