Shahid will tell us who he dates!!

12 05 2009

(Shahid Kapoor: Who should I choose?? πŸ™‚ )

Shahid Kapoor said that he will announce who he is dating if anyone and won’t hide it, but won’t scream it out either. So we now know that he’s not dating anyone because he hasn’t said anything!! (Please be Amrita Rao…Please be Amrita Rao πŸ™‚ )

Kaminey also brings with it the Priyanka Chopra romance angle; it is being extensively reported that the two lead stars of the film are dating each other. β€œI’m not left with much of a choice, am I?’’ asks Shahid. β€œI’m linked to all my co-stars. With Kismat Konnection it was Vidya Balan, now with Kaminey it is Priyanka.’’

Smiling, he adds, β€œPriyanka and I are good friends. However, people have been jumping the gun. If we take our relationship further, I may talk about it; but people are in a rush to link us together. I will not lie or hide a relationship but I will not stand on the rooftop and announce it either.’’

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