Kareena and Karishma on ‘Dus Ka Dum’ for Sallu!!

19 05 2009

Kareena and Karishma are going to appear on Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ this information is rumored and we obviously won’t know the truth untill heard by the sisters themselves!!

The buzz is that no Bollywood celebrities are going to be on Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum show for Sony this season, because the macho star has refused


to pull them in.

Not entirely true. Bollywood’s lovely Kapoor sisters, Karisma and Kareena, are confirmed guests to kick off the first episode of the game show’s second season on Monday.

A source close to the Kapoor girls admitted, “They were approached by the channel. Karisma is busy tending to her daughter Samaira and Kareena’s occupied with professional commitments, but still — the two sisters readily agreed to go on the show because they are fond of Salman. Both girls have always declined invitations by reality shows earlier to appear together… but for Salman’s sake, they made an exception.”

Besides Kareena’s fondness for Salman, the two are also co-stars in Main Aur Mrs Khanna, which is also why she decided to be part of Sallu’s show. In the last season, the actor had used his considerable goodwill in Bollywood to get stars like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan and nephew Imran to appear on his show. This time round, rumours are that he isn’t exerting his pull to do so, and the channel was approaching the stars on its own.




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