No! I wasn’t arrested:Akshay Kumar

19 05 2009

Sorry for the post earlier, so it was false rumor ( like we don’t get that often!). Anyway Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Kumar were not arrested and Akshay just went to finish undone business!

A not-so-amused Akshay, who’s back in Mumbai after a month and a half of shooting abroad, says, “No, I wasn’t arrested. On returning to Mumbai, I thought I’d clear up this mess that was created while I was away. So, I personally went to the police station to finish some paperwork, wish them all a good morning and leave with my dignity intact. I wasn’t captured, I didn’t surrender, there was nothing heroic about it (unlike what people think). It was a simple formal meeting to show that no matter how ridiculous the cause may be, one must be a gentleman and clear one’s name. That’s all that happened on Monday. There were no handcuffs, just handshakes.”

But what does he make of the whole unbuttoning episode? “None of this was necessary. Those who were genuinely offended by my wife unbuttoning the top button of my jeans, shouldn’t own or watch a TV. If something as small as that could cause them so much heartache, they surely must be in constant fear of changing the channel – what if a topless shot of an actor or something springs up on screen? Such incidents only show our people in a poor light,” he retorts




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