Shahid and Priyanka ‘might’ perform at IIFA Awards!

21 05 2009

Yes, ‘might’ because it is not all confirmed I will not start the whole drama that has already sprout. It’s getting me mad that people won’t accept Priyanka and Shahid single as they confirm to be. Both Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have repeatedly said that they are single..Shahid even said that he has no problem talking about who he’s dating, and will when he get a girlfriend. So leave them alone!!

May 21, 2009, (Sawf News) – Rumored couple Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra will perform a medley of songs together from their upcoming film Kaminey at IIFA, reports HT.

International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) event will be held in Macau, China, from June 11-13.

In a recent interview with the Mumbai Mirror Shahid was asked if he and Priyanka were a couple.

“I am not going to make an effort to hide a relationship. When there is something substantial, people will know about it… But, when something substantial happens in my life, only then will I talk.”

Asked to define substantial he responded:

“Difficult to define because we’re talking about a relationship. But when I feel that there is something that I am sure of I will speak about it. It doesn’t mean there’s something between me and Priyanka that I am not sure of.”

Quizzed on his relationship with Sania Mirza or Vidya Balan Shahid responded:

“I’ve known both these girls. We’ve been good friends. Sometime we’re in touch, sometimes we’re out of touch. They’re both very very busy and wonderful people and I’m really fond of both of them and that’s all that there is to it.”




2 responses

22 05 2009

o bless you for your topmost line 🙂 Yes, please leave them alone, let them decide in peace what they want to do with their love lives

23 07 2009

i will pray to god that this couple win the award

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