Akki is the REAL and REEL stunt-man!!

3 06 2009

We all thought that Akshay Kumar might just be doing moves for Kambakkht Ishq, but this actor not only do for the REEL… he can do them for REAL!!

 One of the major action sequences of Kambhakt Ishq was shot recently. It has Akshay Kumar jumping through fire with a jet ski.

Akshay insisted on doing the scene himself instead of using a body double. The rule at the studio they were shooting had stated that if an actor wants to do his stunt he has to pass a test, which would be judged by a panel of six stunt directors. Akshay passed the test successfully and was allowed to carry on with the shoot. However, it isn’t just the jet ski that Akki will be seen riding. The actor will be seen jumping from a water ski to a speed boat and finally using a chopper. The action sequence was shot with the help of nine cameras. Though the entire unit was worried about the shot, Akshay wasn’t hassled. He was absolutely calm and managed to complete the shot without a glitch. Well, he isn’t called khiladi for nothing.




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