John and Bipasha what I call :”The REAL couple of Bollywood”!!

3 06 2009

This is probably the only couple in Bollywood that I’m truely happy about. No rubbish, no crap, just straight forward and true love! Bipasha Basu and John Abraham FOREVER!!!

John is currently nursing a fractured foot. The rumour has been an eye-opener of sorts for John who is now all the more sure about Bipasha being the woman of his dreams.

A common friend of the couple said, “John doesn’t believe in demonstrating his love for Bipasha. He isn’t the kind of lover who says, ‘I love you’ every half an hour. But, Bipasha craves that. And thanks to the recent rumours about Katrina, John s u d d e n l y seems inclined to go all-out to show how much he loves his woman.”

In fact on hearing about John’s injury, Bipasha’s first impulse was to come to Mumbai. But she couldn’t because of the tight shooting schedule.

The friend added, “The Katrina rumours have made John and Bipasha more determined to keep their relationship on a firm footing. Since Bipasha can’t join him in Mumbai and John has a month off because of his fracture, he intends to go to Goa to be with her as soon as his doctor gives him the green signal.”

At the moment, John is in acute pain and he is quite worried about his exercise regimen.

Following his doctor’s orders, John intends to exercise his upper body at home. And he can’t wait to limp to Goa to be with the woman he calls “the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.”

~Awww! Now that’s true love and soooooo cute 🙂 :)~



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