Kangna Ranaut splits up with boyfriend!

9 06 2009


After Kangna and Adhyayan surprised people by hooking up, they went on to make their relationship official with uninhibited public declarations of love. News of their split, after a year of being together, has shocked many, including Kangna, as Adhyayan has initiated the move. Apparently , erratic schedules and time spent apart in different locations for their films has taken its toll. That Adhyayan’s father, Shekhar Suman, never liked Kangna and went out of his way to say uncomplimentary things about her, must surely have contributed to the split.

Adhyayan confirmed the split, Yes, we’ve moved on from this relationship . I guess this was how long it was meant to last. At this point, I really want to focus on my career and professional commitments. Sustaining a long distance relationship of this intensity is a tough task.

Kangna admitted they had moved on, and that she was shocked by Adhyayan’s decision. Adhyayan and I had a talk about our relationship and it was his decision to move on. It came as a shock to me. But I guess he has other priorities now, and many options in terms of people to be with. It’s an amicable break-up and I wish him the best.

According to our source, Kangna who had been shooting for a film in Hyderabad for a long spell, met Adhyayan for dinner recently. The source said, After a calm and mature discussion , they decided to end their relationship mutually. More than Kangna, Adhyayan was keen on a break-up .

Kangna and Adhyayan now feel that they need to concentrate on their career, rather than on a serious relationship . Lately, work has been keeping them very busy. They feel that the relationship is heading nowhere and so it is best to nip it at the right time, added the source.

Apparently, one of the reasons for the break-up is also that Shekhar Suman wants Adhyayan to marry the daughter of a Mumbai-based prominent wealthy builder.
Rumour had it that Adhyayan’s alleged link-ups with Shahana Goswami and Anjana Sukhani fuelled the breakup . The source brushed it off by saying , There was no truth to the rumours .

The source further revealed, Things were fine between them till some time ago. Kangna had been shooting in Hyderabad , while Adhyayan’s shoots kept him busy. Kangna will now be busy with three films No Problem, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and an untitled international project. She will be flying off to Switzerland and South Africa to shoot for the next three months. Adhyayan will be busy promoting Jashan, shooting for Dekh Bhai Dekh and two other films after that.




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