Katrina finally gets a partner!!

14 06 2009

Sometime back, Katrina Kaif was said to have been searching for a partner to appear on Salman Khan’s TV game show “10 Ka Dum”.

Katrina and Salman are said to be left with few friends in the industry, which made it difficult for Kat to find a partner. But now the search is over.

Her “New York” co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh finally agreed to be on show with Katrina. Together they will promote “New York’ on the show.

John Abraham, who also features in the film, was absent from the show’s shooting which took place earlier this week.

According to sources, John too was invited on the show but he chose to remain absent – one reason could be that he was nursing his fractured foot and hence could not come for the shoot; second could be that after his alleged link-up with Sallu’s girlfriend, he did not want to face Salman and his personal sarcastic questions, and that too in front of Katrina.

Meanwhile, those present during the shoot say Katrina was in a light-hearted mood and seemed relaxed on the show. Even Neil seemed to have enjoyed his first appearance on a television reality show.

We are eagerly looking forward to this episode of “10 Ka Dum”.

Last season, when Katrina appeared on this show, Salman was openly affectionate and indulgent. But a lot seems to have happened in their lives since then so it will be interesting to see if their relationship has been affected by these developments or not.




One response

25 06 2009

Hey katrina,
I really love u and know about ur education and u much.
Hope u didn’t 4got me.
ANyway, i do believe and know that Salman will be ur best friend in ur life.
Trust me!!!
Best of luck anyway.
Love u
Enjiy ur life.

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