Bipasha and Katrina the war is still in session!

21 09 2009

God! I wish like everyone else, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif would get along too!!! So what happened between these two belles this time? But who can stop them when the hottie John is involved!!

Coming to the point, let us tell you what we mean, John Abraham walked the ramp as a showstopper for Rocky S, making the otherwise thanda Lakme Fashion week quite garam. John’s hot girlfriend and actress Bipasha Basu set the temperature soaring as she sat on the front row cheering beau John and attracting envious glances from gorgeous girls seated everywhere!

What made for a fantastic climax to this love story was the entrance of Bipasha’s ‘not so good friend’ but John’s ‘just good friend’ Katrina Kaif. Looking smashing in a black evening gown and beautiful diamonds Katrina chose to sit way away from Bipasha though both were on the front row.

Both girls made their tiff obvious by not exchanging pleasantries, let alone glances. While Katrina sat with her manager Sandhya, Bipasha sat next to Diya Mirza.

As John came sashaying down the ramp, Katrina looked up in the air! John too didn’t pay attention to Katrina, he however didn’t blow kisses at Bipasha either.

When asked how John as a showstopper was, Katrina dodged the question by saying, “Rocky S didn’t invite me as a showstopper.” She chose not to answer questions regarding her relationship with Bipasha either. Katrina just smiled and left while Bipasha sneaked away from the back gate behind beau John and the couple vanished from the venue fearing any questions about Katrina from the media.

It indeed was a show to remember!




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3 10 2009

it is nice post

4 10 2009

Well i was looking for the same thing and got it here , it is nice post .

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