Is Karishma pregnant?? YES!!!

24 09 2009

Yah! One of my favorite actresses Karishma Kapoor is pregnant according to her and her sister that she loves no other than Kareena Kapoor!! Congrats Karishma!! 🙂

The rumour that her daughter, Samaira, might have a little sibling soon is also strong, after sis Kareena reportedly told the media that she’s very excited about her sister expecting a second child. At a recent Delhi do, when DT asked Karisma if the good news was true, she only smiled and replied gaily, “It’s something very personal. All I would say is that we are very happy at the moment.”

No denials, then. But Lolo’s got a lot to celebrate. She’s enjoying motherhood, she loved her stint on TV, she’s glowing and she isn’t ruling out a comeback to the movies either. As for that glow, is she a yoga person, like Bebo? “Surprisingly, no!” Lolo laughs, adding, “I know my sister endorses yoga, but I’m more of a gym person. I find yoga difficult. Kareena tries to get me to do it, but I manage to escape. I have a very healthy lifestyle. I’m not in favour of crash diets and I don’t deprive myself of anything, but I do have everything in moderation,” she says judiciously.

Okay, so not yoga, but is she into polo like hubby Sunjay Kapur, who’s a well-known polo player? But Lolo is content with cheering Sunjay on from the stands – she even says that she tried to dissuade him as she thinks the sport’s too dangerous. “It’s a very dangerous sport. No matter how experienced you are, anything can happen anytime, because you are riding an animal. So one person from the family is enough,” she says with a smile.

Karisma and Sunjay Kapur have the only charity polo cup named after their daughter – the Samaira Cup – which was held in Delhi. “Yes, I don’t know if we have it this year, but if it’s happening this year too, I will be there for sure,” said Lolo, during an interview to DT at a recent Delhi do.

And will she be doing movies again soon? “I’m enjoying my break from movies at the moment,” says Lolo. “Yes, David Dhawan is doing a script keeping me in mind, and I’m looking forward to it.” So is that going to be a David-Karisma style comedy flick? “Yes, something light. But, you know, it’s too early to talk about it.”

But the industry seems to have limited roles for married female actors. Does Lolo think she’ll get roles worth her salt? “I beg to differ on that,” Karisma says with conviction. “It’s not like that anymore – look at the lovely role that Kajol played in Fanaa. And then there are so many other avenues too, there’s TV, there are ads, etc.” says Lolo. “I’m happy that I saw the industry change. I was a part of the industry when things were changing. I saw it happening. I started with doing some not-so-meaty roles, but I did some very substantial roles later, like in Zubeida, Fiza and Shakti. There were some very female-centric films that the industry made and I was part of some of those. In fact, Biwi No 1 was a commercial film and was a female-centric film; even the title was Biwi No 1!”

Since Karisma says she enjoyed her stint as a judge on a TV reality show, would she like to compete in any of them? “No!” pat comes the reply. “There’s so much pressure on the participants all the time. There are no retakes, and if you make a mistake, there’s no way you can undo it. They’re under constant scrutiny all the time,” says Lolo. And what about allegations that reality shows are staged? “People do say they aren’t real, but that’s not true. Even we wouldn’t know what will happen next – like sometimes, the person that you liked would get eliminated,” says Karisma.

Lolo might not like polo, which her hubby plays, but she does like cricket. With many of her colleagues from the film industry getting into the glamorous IPL biz, is she planning to bid for a cricket team too? “I do love cricket as a sport, but no, we aren’t getting into it,” says Karishma.




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