It’s all fine with Katrina: Salman Khan :)

7 10 2009

It’s good to see these two couples finally defending themselves and rubbishing away the stupid break-up rumors!! 🙂

The couple had once again left everyone second guessing as to whether they are together or have split. But since Salman seemed to be in a good mood, and was joking around, we asked him about it. He said he wasn’t aware. “I’ve been travelling. What is it that you are talking about? I haven’t see TV since yesterday,” he said. So we told him, and asked whether all’s well between him and the hot Kat. Sallu laughed, and said, “Oh! We didn’t come together because we didn’t want to give everyone present a photo op together. We are saving that for a special reason. Very soon, we’ll be making an appearance together.” Oh, so that was the reason! They’d left everyone in a tizzy just because they’d planned not to be seen together! Celeb ho toh kya kya karna padta hai!




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