So Priyanka and Shahid are just friends!!

12 10 2009

A few months ago Shahid didn’t come to Priyanka Chopra’s b-day bash and so it looks like they’re wasn’t a love connection just friendship and that’s why he couldn’t make it… I guess Priyanka was right the world would find out if they were dating after Kaminey’s release and it’s official that they’ve went seperate way’s because you don’t see them now a day’s going to functions together, or keeping each others company. They were just co-stars to each other. I wish the best for both Pranks and Shahid in the future whether they end up together or with someone else. I love them both, and they both are great actors! Can’t wait for Shahid’s new movie ‘Chance Pe Dance’ and I absolutely loved ‘What’s Your Raashee?’ I really don’t care if it flopped!!

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor’s torrid relationship may not have survived the wear and tear, as it can be concluded by Shahid’s absence at Priyanka’s birthday bash on Friday night. Mumbai Mirror had reported that the couple has gone their separate ways, and his absence just cements the news. Much can be read into Shahid’s not being part of her special day.

The party was well attended by Priyanka’s friends and relatives. A source said, “It was shocking to find that Shahid was not a part of the celebration. One expected him to come in at least for a few minutes.”

After all, one can always make the time, if the occasion is special enough. The source added, “Priyanka’s cousins, who belong to the same age group, had especially flown down from London to be with the actress on this special day. It’s surprising how Shahid, who is known to be Priyanka’s closest ‘friend’ in the industry, wasn’t seen at Priyanka’s bash.”

She played a good host and mingled with the guests. It was surprising to see her cheerful and unaffected by his absence.

Priyanka and Shahid remained unavailable for comment.




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