No War with Shahrukh : Salman Khan

14 10 2009

Looks like Bollywood is coming together!! But what we didn’t expect was Salman Khan bringing his hand forward first!! First he was seen buying Kareena a gift and paying for her shopping. And now he’s saying he shares no rivalry with Shahrukh Khan! Go Sallu!!!

He said stories of friction between them are created by the media and that he is tired of such “news”.

“There is no war between us. It is the media who creates all this misunderstanding,” Salman said Tuesday after his ‘Being Human’ show at the ongoing HDIL India Couture Week.

“You will ask me some question about him here and then you will ask him the same question regarding me somewhere else – then you clip them together and run it continuously on TV screens for days creating unnecessary hype and misunderstanding,” he added.

The actor clarified that he is tired of such rumours and doesn’t enjoy them at all.

“I would request you to show respect to him and me as well. I am tired of all this. Aren’t you people bored too?” asked Salman.




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