Katrina and Rahman come together!

26 10 2009

Oscar winner A R Rahman and Bollywood’s leading contender for the No 1 slot, Katrina Kaif, in a music album collaboration. Lest you think the gorgeous actress is going to be singing for the music maestro, let us tell you, this is an album of nursery rhymes, and Katrina will be in the music videos.

Rahman, actually, wasn’t going to touch any Indian project after Slumdog Millionaire and the Oscars. The music for Blue, he had agreed to do long ago. But Rahman had secretly been working on this non-filmi album of songs for children. It will contain all the nursery rhymes we have heard while growing up but done with a Rahman twist to make them modern and more empathetic to youngsters. There will also be fresh and original songs composed by students of his music institute in Chennai.

Katrina, who has a special bonding with children, is going to be doing at least three music videos in which she will interact with the children and lip sync the songs. “I love working with kids. So it’d be a special treat hopefully for the kids as well,” said the actress. The director of this project, Apurv Nagpal, said, “It’s the same concept as what Rahman did for Vande Mataram. Until he re-interpreted the song, we all sang it in one way only. Now when I think of Vande Mataram, it’s the way Rahman did it. That’s what we aim to do in our album.




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