I’ve messed around with my system: Priyanka Chopra

1 11 2009

Priyanka Chopra has just discovered she’s suffering from an aggravated allergy, along with a digestive system that she “messed up” by constantly munching junk food. “I had to shoot this scene on a bale of hay for a reality show that had contestants sweating it out in a slum. I was supposed to jump on top of the hay and roll over it. It was then that I started feeling very uncomfortable,” she says.

Later when she came home, she discovered her allergy has aggravated, along with a bout of food poisoning she was already suffering from. “It happened due to junk food and I have to admit it was me who messed around with my (digestive) system. The allergic reaction to the dust is settling down and I will be getting back on the sets in two more days,” Priyanka adds.

Channel authorities at UTV Bindaas said it was Priyanka herself who agreed to get on the hay. “We never knew that she has such a horrible allergy to dust and neither did she. When she started shooting, one of the unit boys noticed her eyes had become blood-shot. Then she started sneezing violently. We realised something had gone wrong. But we quickly moved ahead with the shoot but her condition was really bad by the time we finished the shoot in the slum. We have apologised to her for this incident,” the channel official says.

Priyanka admitted she herself wasn’t aware that she had such a strong allergy. “It’s a new discovery for me. My dad tells me I have ruined his reputation because he is a doctor. But I told him that I am also an army officer’s daughter (Dr Ashok Chopra was an army doctor) and this is only a phase. I am not a delicate darling — I am strong enough. I’ll now work towards restoring my health. I can’t afford to fall sick so much,” ends Priyanka.

-DNA India




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