No Chaadi Ads for Saif, no non-veg Ads for Kareena!

1 11 2009

Kareena Kapoor is clear she will never endorse food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King, known for their beef burgers and the like, while co-actor and boyfriend Saif Ali Khan says he can’t think of doing an underwear ad.

‘I will not endorse non-vegetarian products like McDonald’s or Burger King. I won’t endorse alcohol or tobacco. This is the policy I always follow because if I don’t relate to such things, I should not advocate them either,’ Kareena said at the HT Leadership Summit here Saturday.

‘Endorsing a brand is not only fun but it does add to the bank balance. Apart from that endorsing a good brand helps you in connecting with your fans. Given this, I have to be very choosy about my endorsements because they also help a lot in branding,’ she added.

Kareena is the face of many leading brands like Kurkure Desi Beats and Vivel soap among others.

Saif, who promotes several brands including Head and Shoulders and Asian Paints, says it is important for him to connect with the brand he endorses.

‘For me, brand name is very important. I feel I should represent a brand that I can connect with. This also helps me to reach out to my fans because they can associate with me through that brand. I won’t endorse something I don’t connect with… like underwear ads. I can do a baniyan (vest) ad, but no chaddis for me.

‘It’s not the finances always. When a brand approaches us, they do a lot of research before they come to sign us. And when they come to sign, that means you represent something. It also helps visibility,’ he added.

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