Shahid calls it quits with Priyanka (when were they dating??)!

11 11 2009

The on and off relationship between Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra has come to an end. Shahid has taken the final call after realising Priyanka wasn’t his type of girl. The two stars has met in the sets of Kaminey last year and had fallen in love. Sources close to Priyanka have said that the actress who hasn’t been keeping well in the recent past is devastated by Shahid’s decision. Priyanka is looking for peace and visited Ajmer Sharif last week with her friends who are rallying behind her.


Shahid’s decision to part ways is being attributed to inherent differences in their nature. While Shahid is a introvert and reserved, Priyanka is extrovert and loves to party. Shahid also had problems with her fondness for alcohol. The couple never publicly admitted to being together although they were too close to be just friends. Shahid has been finding it hard to be in a strong relationship ever since Kareena Kapoor dumped more than two years ago. My question is….where they ever dating???








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