Ranbir has a nickname:Katrina

12 11 2009

And it’s been revealed Katrina Kaif. Of course, Ranbir kept denying it, but given the Kapoor tradition, we were sure he had some cute li’l name tucked away. In fact, during an explosive interview with ZOOM, RK commented on the legacy of Kapoor khandaan’s names, “Everyone has lovely names, but just look at the pet names in my family… Chimpu, Dabboo, Chintu, Lolo, Bebo… I’m happy that I don’t have one. I am plain, old Ranbir.”

But before that breath was even over, Katz let the cat outta the bag. He does have a nick and it was assigned to him by Katrina. She revealed, “Ranbir’s nick-name is ‘Puffin’. Puffin is the national bird of Iceland, and a distant relative of the penguin. The difference is that puffins are more colourful, they have puffier cheeks and coloured beaks. So Ranbir is like a puffin. He’s like a colourful penguin, he has happy feet and on some days he can look really puffy.” She kept laughing even as ‘Puffin’ puffed up in some kinda sulk.




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