Singh is Kinng 2 announced!!

14 11 2009

November 14, 2009, (Sawf News) – Most Bollywood sequels are good news for male leads and disappointment for their female counterparts who tend to get dropped. Katrina Kaif inclusion in the Singh Is Kinng 2 is not a hard to fathom exception.

When Race 2 was announced retaining the male cast minus Bipasha Basu, she said she wasn’t crying over it because “In Bollywood the heroines are never signed for sequels. It’s a tradition. Just check the sequels. The guys get repeated. The girls don’t. It’s a man’s world.” Maybe Bipasha needs to shed the tears that she has been holding back for so long.

Akshay Kumar considers Katrina his lucky mascot and his pal Vipul Shah sees no reason to not repeat her in the sequel.

“It is true. We have written the script keeping Akshay and Katrina in mind. Singh Is Kinng cannot be made without both the actors. I think even the audience wants to see the two of them together again,” Vipul told TOI.

The film is going to be made with an even larger budget this time, but no such claims are being made about the script that was in the realm of the ridiculous in the original.

Filming is scheduled to begin in mid 2010.

Katrina Kaif’s career graph continues its northward journey, with the star earning respect from her colleagues as well as the directors. She is currently filming for Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti with co-star Ranbir Kapoor. The film is replete with chaste Hindi dialogs that are sure to challenge the actor’s easily strained lingual skills. Last week it was reported that Katrina offered to pay her director her one day’s fee, Rs 15 lakh, because she needed an extra day to prepare those tough lengthy dialogs. Jha refused the money but gave her an extra day anyways that she converted into excellent dialog delivery.




6 responses

17 03 2010

i think that akki and kat will create a great chemistry

17 03 2010
arvind yadav

akkki you are my most favourite , dashing action hero.

17 03 2010
arvind yadav

i have seen your every movie.

19 03 2010

akki u r very talented sikh acter ,who always show his respect towards his religion and give equal respect to all religion

30 03 2010


1 04 2010

i adore you

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