Vivek wronged Salman:Katrina

18 11 2009

In a recent interview with DT, beau Salman said he’d let Katrina “work with anybody except one idiot – Vivek Oberoi” … Katrina says, “I understand, and I wouldn’t work with Vivek Oberoi. What he said and did with Salman was wrong. If somebody hasn’t done anything wrong, in my opinion, I’d still let them be colleagues with me. But what Vivek did was genuinely wrong. ” Salman also called shaadi a formality, does she agree? “Indeed. Shaadi toh ek din mein hoti hai na, uske baad toh the same thing happens. So you better be enjoying what’s before the shaadi. Don’t think shaadi is a solution. ’Coz after the two-three days of partying – wohi same zindagi hai jaise shaadi ke pehle thi,” expresses Katrina in her improved Hindi.

She’s the net’s most searched personality, and dating one of the sexiest men in the country. But she says that she was an unpopular teenager. “Guys never looked at me. I always had crushes on older seniors who never looked at me. So, when I tell directors that I wanna play that girl who gets rejected, they’re like, ‘Why?’ I tell them it’s because I relate to that girl much more than being the girl who makes jaws drop when she walks into a room.” Is she serious? “You have to understand, beauty differs from country to country. When I came to India, I found my sense of belonging and appreciation. People thought I was beautiful.”

So how does she react to doubts about her Indian roots? She answers, “I just get upset because I’m an Indian and nobody has the right to question that. As Indians, we have that inherent sense of pride because we’re different. We’re not fair-skinned and all that. And for me, it’s like robbing me of all this when somebody says that. A red flag goes up and I get furious. I can handle gossip and baaki sab, but not this. I’ve faced that myself… I have faced the sense of not belonging in London. And people who are commenting about this aren’t doing it from an honest place.”




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