What will Deepika do with the tattoo??

22 11 2009

Rumors have it, that Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor have broken up. If this is true, then what will Deepika do with her RK tattoo, which she has inked on the nape of her neck? Deepika, at the moment, does not mind the tattoo, however; neither has she made any attempt to hide it.

Well, a lot of Bollywood celebrities have inked their beloved’s name on their bodies. But have they ever thought about what they will do if the relationships don’t last?

For example, Saif Ali Khan tattooed ‘Kareena’ on his arm. Let’s not jinx it, but if both were to break up, how will he be able to hide it; or, will he resort to the treacherous surgery that is needed to remove it?

We know love is crazy, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think twice before doing anything rash, does it?

Meanwhile, as for Deepika, maybe we will see her fresh and happy after her planned trip to the U.S with her family, for her cousin’s wedding.

As for the stars, we can just wish the best for these stars.




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