Nothing wrong with me & Priyanka: Shahid Kapoor

23 11 2009

Mumbai: Every occupation comes with its share of hazards and showbiz is no exception. Shahid Kapur, whose love life has garnered more coverage in the press than his work, chooses to laugh about it.

“It’s an occupational hazard and there is nobody who enjoys it but it comes with the profession. I am anyway a very private person. I prefer to ignore it or laugh about it.”

The Shahid-Priyanka jodi heading for splitsville is making news everywhere including the fact that they did not interact with each other at a recent awards function. “Of course we met there. Who said that we haven’t met? Anyway, I don’t feel the need of justifying it. Everything is cool. Nothing is wrong between Priyanka and me,” he said.

The next obvious question is whether he is single or not. He immediately replied, “That’s a personal question.”

Due to his lover boy image, his fan following consists mostly of girls. And now, he wants to go up the popularity chart amongst men too.

“Charlie’s role in Kaminay was something that appealed to men. I am trying to do as many different roles as possible and if I am doing my roles properly I am sure I will be liked by men too. And yes, action films are something I am going to attempt especially after Kaminay because it appeals to men a lot. Also my next film Chance Pe Dance is about dance which again any man can identify with,” he said.

Shahid considers himself lucky that the audience has accepted him with a big heart. “I didn’t choose my first film from 100 films. On the contrary, I was rejected from many films before I bagged my first film. I am very satisfied with where I have reached today. I have learned immensely from my mistakes. But there is a great satisfaction in that journey. In five years, I am very fortunate to be where I am,” he said.

Having actor parents, he always wanted to be an actor since his childhood.

“When I told my parents that I want to become a Hindi film hero, they reacted as any other normal parent would. They told me that ‘of course, you can be an actor but whether a leading Hindi film hero or not, nobody can promise that’. It’s really a big thing to be a Hindi film hero. I guess it’s a matter of luck.Most people don’t get to do what they love but I am doing what I really love at the end,” he said.




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