Shahid’s hairy tales!!

30 11 2009

When Shahid Kapoor’s Charlie avatar hit the theatres, it was not just his sexy bare bod that became a rage… but also his longish hair that took the fancy of the girls and guys alike.

Since then, Shahid has moved on to a really short crop that he is now maintaining for Parmeet Sethi’s next film. But his hairstylist is a busy woman thanks to Shahid’s hair… no, we are not talking about her maintaining his hair, but handling demands for giving Shahid’s hairstyle to others! “I used to get requests from people since his Kismet Konnection days for the ‘SK haircut’, but with Kaminey the demand for ‘Charlie hair’ suddenly exploded and people from places as far as Chandigarh, Indore and Delhi wanted his style,” exclaims Dilshad Pastakia. “Now that he has changed his hair again, the new short crop is just as popular, especially with the 17 to 22 year olds who like to stay trendy.” For those who came in late, Shahid Kapoor shares his hairstylist with Shah Rukh Khan.

My Word: We love Shahid, his hair, his body, and plain out him. So give whatever hair you want and he can pull it off and look sexy. Love ya Shahid!! 🙂




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