Katrina scarred!!

4 12 2009

Apparently Akki and she were shooting a flooding sequence, she fell down and her ankle was caught under a rope. Katrina started screaming for help; Akshay — who has saved many a damsel in distress — thought she was panicking because of the rising water level, so he repeatedly tried reassuring her that she wouldn’t drown in that depth of water.

Only after her, “Save Me!” squeals didn’t stop, Akshay realised that there was a problem there. By then the rope had cut into her ankle and left a deep scar. In fact the scar is so prominent that whenever her legs are exposed in a shot, she has to spend time covering the ankle with layers of greasepaint. Poor baby! And you thought that comedy was like a walk in the park, huh? Our lovely Katz wouldn’t say so, we think.


My Word: Good job Akki!




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