Deepika and I vibe well: Neil Niten Mukesh

18 01 2010

 Neil and Deepika have rehearsed their parts for as long as a month. And now, Neil is so excited that he can’t wait for her to join the shoot.

“Deepika and I vibe very well. I’ve known her from the time she was seeing Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika and I have been rehearsing rigorously for this film for one month. She’s a lovely co-star. I’m looking forward to working with her as she starts shooting at the end of January,” Neil is quoted as saying by a news agency.

In the movie Neil plays a biker who does dangerous stunts. However, the actor is keeping tightlipped because he’s bound by a contract.

“I’m not telling you anything beyond the fact that our film is at the moment titled Production No 37… And yes, if my parents hear about me doing dangerous stunts they’ll freak out,” Neil said.

Neil has been shooting on the Mumbai streets for the last few nights. In fact, he was nearly mobbed by hundreds of fans during the shoot.

“Luckily, Yashraj’s security arrangements are impeccable. We never knew there would be so many people on the streets post-midnight. Mumbai in the dead of the night was a new experience for me,” Neil revealed.

This is Neil’s second film with the banner after the hit  New York last year.




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