I get what I’m worth:Kareena

18 01 2010

She has charged a whopping Rs 8 crores for her next film and reportedly charges Rs 5 crore per endorsement. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has become the highest paid actress in the history of Bollywood.

Bebo’s latest earnings surpasses that of contemporaries Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif by quite a margin. While Priyanka was reportedly paid Rs 6 crore for Yash Raj Films’ Pyaar Impossible, Kat is said to charge Rs 5 crores per film.

“I get what I deserve,” says Kareena proudly, when asked about these figures. “I don’t think actors should talk about their prices as it is not for the world to know. It is between my bank and me. The important thing is that I get what I should, as I fit the mould. As long as my bank is getting full, I don’t care about the number game,” said the actress.

Leading the pack
Though her role in the blockbuster film 3 Idiots was a little more than a cameo, Kareena won the Best Actress (popular) award for it at the recent Screen Awards. “Lengthwise the role might not be that long but for me the quality matters the most. In Hollywood, also, many a times actors do take up such roles, like for example, Brad Pitt’s role in Inglourious Basterds. Mine was just like that.” she said.

According to a recent list by CNN, Kareena was ranked among the top people who mattered most in India. Incidentally, politician Rahul Gandhi and Oscar-winner AR Rahman were ranked below Bebo. “I’m quite surprised. But I really don’t go by any of these lists.”

She does, however, reason that her inclusion on the list could be because of her recent successes. “My roles in Kambakkht Ishq and Kurbaan were so diverse. Keeping aside the box office, they were really appreciated. Also, you have to agree, the ‘size zero’ phenomenon was the most talked about thing in Asia,” she says.

source : hindustantimes




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