Stay away from Shahid if you’re Vidya..or Bidya!

18 01 2010

Delhi: From his acting skills to his western groovy moves, Shahid Kapoor has literally proved himself as a confident man. But there is certainely one person who shatters his confidence whenever it comes alike. No points for guessing – it’s actress Vidya Balan who was seeing the actor during her “Kismat Connection’ days.ek aur controversy ho jayega.Vaise hi itni baat ho rahi hai’.

On the other hand, Bidya Sapam, the girl who the autograph was meant for, wrote about the incident as her facebook status. “Will somebody tell Shahid Kapur that I’m not Vidya Balan, nor do I write my name like hers? He refuses to sign autograph on my name.”

Shahid was here in Capital to promote his upcoming film ‘Chance Pe Dance’. A reporter present there asked the actor to sign an autograph for a one of his friend and handed him the notepad. Shahid took the notepad and pen and asked the man what his friend’s name was, to which he was replied, ‘Bidya’.

As soon as Shahid heard the name that resembled much like his ex, Vidya, he returned the notepad saying, “Sorry, I can’t give an autograph,

Does the incident indicates that there is still something going around in the mind of actor for his ‘Kismat Connection’ co-star?


My word: I get why Shahid was not signing it (poor guys got a lot of rumors on him already) but I feel sorry for the girl.




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