Foes turn friends in Bollywood!

20 01 2010

‘We’re good friends’, this is the mantra being sung by one and all in Bollywood – whether it’s a Priyanka-Shahid or even an Abhishek and Shah Rukh Khan. Enmity seems to have reached the tipping point in the world of glit-n-glam, and while the Khans seem to be kissing and making up, Akshay Kumar isn’t too keen on chopping roles either. And the place for the big patch-ups these days seem to be film premieres!

It can be remembered that Shah Rukh Khan made it to the Drona premiere and the Khan-Bachchan war was called off. More recently, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan hugged and kissed at the ‘3 Idiots’ premiere. “It seems to be the perfect place, because for starters there is enough and more media to catch momentous occasions. Second, it’s easiest because there is no time for conversation, so you hug and let bygones be bygones. Third, you tend to find people from your circle too. You’ll have friends who know you well, and you can always hang out with them, while the actor-host is busy doing his job – playing host to the hilt,” says a prominent film personality, who has smoothened some relationships at such public events himself.

Of late we’ve heard of many actors kissing and making up… Vivek Oberoi included. After his efforts of seeking forgiveness from Salman have gone to waste, the actor now has managed to get into the good books of Karan Johar and SRK alike. And this has helped him bridge the ‘awkward’ ties he shared with Abhishek, considering Abhi is now married to Ash, Vievk’s ex! It was at the birthday party of Hrithik Roshan than SRK made Vivek and Abhishek patch up!

Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya, too, seem to have buried the hatchet. The two weren’t on talking terms after Ash was replaced by Rani Mukerji in SRK’s home production ‘Chalte Chalte’. Aishwarya, now, seems to have befriended producer Rohan Sippy all over again. She was miffed when Rohan went ahead and signed Priyanka Chopra for Bluffmaster, after having discussed it with her…

Ash and Kareena Kapoor sorted out the awkwardness between the Bachchans and Kapoors. It was at Karan Johar’s party that the Bachchan bahu and the Kapoor beti got talking. The relation? Well, Karisma was to be married to Abhishek, but their engagement broke, and Ash became the Bachchan bride! So not all was well between the two khandaans.

Another surprise was the presence of Kareena Kapoor at Hrithik Roshan’s bash. After rumours of their romantic liaison during ‘Yaadein’, ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham’ and ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’, the two stopped acting together! Maybe it’s beau Saif who has made all the difference…

And only now we hear that the biggest dushmani is going to turn tables – that of Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. If talks are to be believed, Shah Rukh is being invited for Sallu’s ‘Veer’ premiere, and in all probability SRK is going to land up there, making this premiere another historic moment! Let’s wait and watch!




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