Why are Shahid’s lips purple??

22 01 2010

Shahid was a resident of Saket and remembers everything. He says, “My most vivid memory is that of the Press Enclave, in Saket, B block. This is where I lived with my grandparents.” He studied at Gyan Bharti School, which was at walking distance. And boy, was he mischievous! He says, “Ek peeche gali si jaati thi jahan pe jaamun ka pedh tha … nahin shehtoot ka … and hum log chaat-chaat ke shehtoot khate they. Aur humein daant padti thi ki gande shehtoot kha ke aye ho.”

But the naughty Shahid never gave up. “I loved playing cricket in the back alley of my locality. Breaking glass panes and getting fired for that was an almost everyday thing. I and three other friends were called the pillars of the class. We were always given punishment and were always standing in class,” he laughs.

Like any Delhi kid going to school, Shahid was a lolly freak too. He was allergic to orange, so the doctor had told his mother to not let him have anything with orange in it. But, says Shahid, “There was a small ice-cream vendor outside our school. I would always stand near the colony gate, in a corner, having orange and cola lolly bars. When I’d come back, my grandfather, who I’m very, very close to, would ask me, ‘Did you have ice cream?’ My lips would be all purple and orange and I’d say, ‘No. What? Where?’”

Well, Shahid, that’s exactly what you say when we ask you personal questions these days!


My Word: I love you Shahid purple lips or not!! 🙂




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