Arjun joins Twitter..Kareena next!

31 01 2010

Karan Johar has brought another Bollywood actor on Twitter, it’s none other than the National Award Winner Arjun Rampal, The ”Rock On” star has joined the micro blogging site Twitter today.

“Hey tweeple…. ARJUN RAMPAL @rampalarjun on twitter….give him love guys!!!!” � Kran Johar wrote in Twitter welcoming Arjun Rampal to the micro blogging website.

” Hello everyone, yes I am finally here thanks to Mr. Kjo… lets discover what twitter is all about…right now on the sets of Stepmom..” Arjun Rampal wrote thanking Karan Johar for inviting him to Twitter.

“Sitting with Kareena on sets of Stepmom, she sends a big hello to everyone. says she is joining soon” Rampal wrote 2 hours back. So, Kareena Kapoor is next on Twitter!

Earlier Karan Johar had encouraged Ranbeer Kapoor and the King Khan Shah Rukh to join Twitter.

Twitter is growing with popular celebs joining in the site and their fans following them with curiosity. Arjun Rampal got 3000 followers within few hours. Follow him @rampalarjun.

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