If I get any thinner, I will be a hanger:Kareena

31 01 2010

Back in the saddle after 3-Idiots, Kareena has 2010 sorted out. She’s flying to Bangkok, then Paris, then Switzerland for her various commercial endorsements.

Bebo has renewed as many as 10 advertising contracts and will fly across the globe lending brand value to lifestyle and fashion products. As far as the movies go, she’s on a rampage too.

If Katrina Kaif issues ultimatums to film-makers like Prakash Jha, Abbas-Mustan and Farah Khan asking them to increase her role in the movies, Bebo does better. Trade sources say director Rohit Shetty who is making Golmaal-3, will have just her, and her alone as the female lead.

On the fuss about Golmaal-3 Bebo says that, “I’m not the sort who tells film-makers what to do. The script is around this one girl. And yes, there are no other heroines in the film because that’s the way they wanted it.” She refuses to confirm her fee but she doesn’t dismiss the trade tattle on her being the highest paid Bollywood heroine either. Refraining from commenting on the Rs 7-crore price tag that is being talked about, Bebo says, “God, I never asked to be in the papers everyday. If the media keeps writing about my price or even my size what can I do?” Flaunting her size zero measurements she says, “I was amused to read somewhere that I had put on weight. If I get any thinner then I’ll be a hanger.

Designers can hang their clothes on me.” To this boyfriend Saif says, “I’d like her to be slightly more rounded; but well, she knows best.” In three weeks time, Kareena will romance Bollywood’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan in his home production RA 1. And there are rumours that she may team up with Hrithik Roshan in Karan Johar’s remake of Agneepath.

“Look I don’t want to dignify rumours,” she pleads. “Why talk of films that may or may not happen when there is so much already happening. I’m finishing the Hindi version of Step-Mom which is turning out to be fabulous. It’s a highly emotional film. And, with Kajol and me there, you know it will have the required drama. Then, there’s Saif ’s Agent Vinod.

With three major films happening, I don’t think I’ll be able to accommodate a fourth. But if I can, then I’ll be only too happy.” That then is Kareena for you. Avaricious to a fault; always hungry for bigger and better films. Somewhere she reminds you of being a female SRK. Everytime a newbie raises her head, Bebo plays demolition woman.




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