Is Kareena going Sush way?

1 02 2010

Kareena Kapoor seems to be the latest actress to have shown fondness for a girl child after Sushmita Sen and Preity Zinta have done so before. In a recent interview to a fashion magazine, Bebo said how she’d love to have a baby girl when she’d start a family.

Just recently Sushmita Sen adopted a second girl child saying, “In India when everybody is giving up the girl child, there’s a huge majority of girl child in orphanage. Even if I choose to adopt a third child, it will be a girl. When I’ll give birth biologically I won’t have choice anyway and I’d be happy to have a son then.”

Talking about fondness for daughters, actress Preity Zinta even went on to adopt 34 orphan girls from the Mother Miracle School in Hrishikesh on the occasion of her last birthday. Preity states, “”I’ve adopted 34 girls. I’ve been looking after their entire upbringing from education to food, clothes etc. You’ve no idea how wonderful it feels to hear the excited chatter of all these girls together.”

Elaborating on her decision, Preity said, “I had been thinking of what to do to help the less privileged classes specially the girl child. The horrors of foeticide and rampant child abuse are not just screaming news headlines for me. They’re voices that scream from inside me. And I had to listen to them. These 34 girls are just a beginning. I plan to adopt a couple more every year.”

Kareena’s sister Karishma too has a baby girl Samaira who Bebo is very fond of. Aunt Kareena seems to have gotten so close to Samaira that the thought of having a daughter of her own some day seems to be on Bebo’s wish list!




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