Shahid-Kareena come together for ‘Milenge Milenge’ Music Video!

2 02 2010

Kareena and Shahid Kapoor together again? No way! That was the first reaction when one first heard about the new lofty plans ahead for the long-delayed Kareena-Shahid starrer Milenge Milenge, based on the 2001 Hollywood romcom Serendipity.

Boney Kapoor and Satish Kaushik have just got ambitious about this delayed project. Not only are they shooting a new beginning for the film, they’re set to shoot a music video to promote the film for which they will bring together the nowestranged couple Shahid and Kareena Kapoor.

The buzz is that producer Boney Kapoor has already asked the actors (who don’t speak to each other) to do the music video. Apparently, both Shahid and Kareena have no qualms about being thoroughly professional for the film’s sake.

“Didn’t they shoot the Mauja hi Mauja item song in Jab We Met right after their split? So why wouldn’t they shoot a song for a music video, especially since it’s for the benefit of a film that stars the two of them? Himesh Reshammiya has recorded an outstanding track. Both Shahid and Kareena love it.”

When questioned about the rumour about Kareena and-Shahid coming together for the music video, producer Boney Kapoor is guarded, “Himesh’s track would entice anyone. Yes, I’ve asked Kareena and Shahid. I’m sure they’ll do it.”

The film’s release has been pushed forward from February to March-April so that this very special Shahid-Kareena music video can be recorded. Says Boney, “We have almost everything in place. Only the first reel is not ready. We need to shoot a prologue with a very big female star who will narrate the love story between Shahid and Kareena. And, of course, the music video

source : movies.indiatimes




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