Agent Vinod replaced, not Kareena!

6 02 2010

Audiences seem to be having Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan coming out of their ears together. And that is perhaps one reason why the market has been reacting a tad too slowly to the film Agent Vinod. The apparent lack of interest in the movie from the film trade is now getting the filmmakers Saif Ali Khan, Sriram Raghavan and Dinesh Vijan think about whether they should not go in for a thriller, but get into a romantic film instead.

It is being said that Saif now wants to do a romantic film and has been pushing Sriram hard for it. Sriram on the other hand, is a great maker when it comes to thrillers and stylish movies rather than a lot of feel good films. And more so when Saif has cast his ladylove in the film, purely because he wants to work with her and be with her for longer periods, we think it’s a case of hara-kiri… but then we still hope that love triumphs over everything and we are proved wrong.




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