Every actor gets what he deserves:Kareena

6 02 2010

Kareena Kapoor gets candid on being known as the queen of endorsements and being the highest-paid actress in Bollywood.

She digs into a bowl of poha especially prepared for her, while her man Friday slips some cheese slices into the tiny fridge in her vanity van, and there lies a sole banana on the table. Though she would rather munch on a packet of Masala Kurkure, Kareena Kapoor carefully follows her diet of eating small healthy meals every two hours. There is not an extra inch on her well-toned body, but the actress presses some invisible fat on her stomach grumbling, “I’ve put on weight”. She is shooting for Karan Johar’s adaptation of Stepmom in Mumbai’s Filmistan Studios and looks chic even in a simple tee and casual pants. “I play a very spirited and fun-loving girl,” she chirps about her role in the film, which will also see her sparkling chemistry with Kajol once again. She is also kicked about receiving the Screen award for the Best Actor (Popular Choice) for Kurbaan and 3 Idiots. “Like every actor, even I want an award and I started preparing my speech well in advance,” she gushes.

Besides pocketing all the plum assignments in Bollywood, Kareena is also one of the biggest names in the ad world, endorsing a wide range of products from electronics to cosmetics to jewellery. “The best thing about ads is that you reach out to your fans on television. Otherwise, they have to buy a ticket and go to the theatre to see you. Of course, there is the big fat cheque that comes with them,” she grins. So as reported, is she one of the highest-paid when it comes to brand endorsements? “Well, every actor gets what he deserves and the ad guys know that. Anyway, an actor’s price is not something to be discussed in public, though I baulk at the different figures in the newspapers every day.”

But like her acting assignments that she chooses with great care, Kareena is choosy about the products she endorses. “Since I am a teetotaller I don’t endorse liquor and having turned vegetarian, no non- vegetarian stuff either. Otherwise anything and everything is welcome. It’s great fun to endorse different brands,” she says like an excited child. And she likes it when she does an ad with Saif Ali Khan as “his comic timing in ads is impeccable.”

What irks the actresses about the ad world is when her size-zero is used to promote products like pizzas and television sets! “It’s good to know that people are influenced by my size, but except for the Sony Vaio laptop which I endorse, it annoys me when “Size zero”, a term associated with me, is used for other products.”

But more than endorsements, Kareena would like her name to be associated with remarkable performances, because that is what brings these endorsements to her. And she gives a damn for the number game, which she feels is decided by the media. “It’s so unfair, as every actor has his own space and standing. I will be happy to be known as number 10 as long as I do justice to my varied roles. Like last year, there were Kambakkht Ishq, Kurbaan and 3 Idiots and this year too, you will see me playing different roles. You will not see the same Kareena in any film. For me, it’s not about doing successful films but about evolving as an actress.”

After completing Karan’s film, Kareena will be off to Miami for Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra 1 and then there’s Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod in which she plays a CIA agent. “Though both are action films I am not required to do any stunts. I get a chance to display my histrionics in both ,” she clarifies. And then she has signed on the dotted line for Golmaal 3.

“It’s a great brand and my now fans associate me with the Golmaal series. I’m not going to let anyone take that away from me.” Her reply when asked whether her charging nearly 10 crore for the film will make her the highest-paid actress in the industry is just a sweet smile!

As for doing Imtiaz Ali’s film, she wonders. “But isn’t he taking Ranbir for that film? How can I work with my brother? All the heroines should thank me for not being able to do the film, for that way they get a chance to work with him !” she laughs.

source : screenindia




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