It’s nursery rhymes with Katrina!

6 02 2010

Music engages the senses and stimulates the whole mind and body. This venture is a concept that will aim to fulfil this need to make learning rhymes a fun and engaging experience for the child,” said B.R. Vijayalakshmi, general manager, audio visual media of Saregama.

“Nursery rhymes are a time-honoured play-and-learn method of introducing children to language and rhythm, an engaging way to strengthen and identify, differentiate and practise the sounds that are the building blocks of language,” Vijayalakshmi told IANS.

Titled “Sunfeast Dream Cream Rhymeskool”, the album is slated to hit the stores in March and Saregama has roped in Katrina to promote it and composer Rahman supervise the music.

“Adding magic to the mix, Katrina will take the children through the lilting rhymes in her own inimitable style in the video. Katrina’s popularity among kids and her affable style and persona on screen made her fit for such a project,” said Vijayalakshmi.

“Rahman is the music supervisor for this project. The students at KM Music Conservatory, a college founded by Rahman, is arranging and composing the music for this album under the supervision of the music master,” she added.

Saregama is concentrating on other languges as well – in the recent past, the label produced animated Tamil children’s folk  songs “Nila Nila Odiva” sung by Latha Rajnikanth and animated Bengali children’s rhymes “Aye Re Aye Tiye”, which is a compilation of the traditional and most popular children’s rhymes. Preeti Sagar’s “Phulwari Bachchon Ki” is another animated children’s Hindi songs title in the pipeline.

Vijayalakshmi said : “Saregama believes that learning can be made a lot more fun and effective through the use of vibrant  multimedia, music and dance. To this effect, the company is launching a series of learning-oriented Home EduTainment products that will impact the way children learn.”

To make the album a hit, Saregama is planning a 360 degree media plan to promote the product with heavy penetration across metros

My Word: GO KATRINA!!!!!!!




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