Priyanka throws a fit!

6 02 2010

A source from the unit reveals, “Manish Malhotra is styling Priyanka, who is shooting for Anjaana Anjaani in the US. She has an extremely glam look in the film. While Priyanka likes the look Manish has given her, she has a lot of issues with the assistant  sylist assigned to her by Manish.

Priyanka isn’t happy at all with what the assistant stylist has been coming up with, right from the color combination, the outfit combination, etc. She is finding the combination of colors and clothes given by this stylist very jarring.”

The source continues, “The assistant stylist herself seems petrified by the situation. Since she is a junior person, she can’t even explain herself. Priyanka has complained to Manish and he is now himself helping out with the combinations.

But it is practically impossible for him to reach every location. He has pacified Priyanka and has spoken to the assistant too. But each day passing day is proving more and more difficult for the stylist, because Priyanka seems to have an issue with everything she is giving her to wear.”

While eyewitnesses say that to some extent the stylist must be going wrong with her selections, but Priyanka is also being very rude to her. “The entire crew is in New York and the stylist has no option but to stick on. She can’t just walk out,” adds our source




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