Katrina does a Salman!

9 02 2010

But on Sunday evening, Katrina was spotted getting into a rickshaw in Andheri along with her business manager.

It transpires that the actress had come to catch a  movie at a suburban multiplex but when she came out after the screening, she just couldn’t figure out where her driver was.

An eyewitness reveals, “Dressed in jeans and a tee, Katrina was accompanied by her manager and bodyguards. She had come to catch Ishqiya. After the show, at around 10.30 pm, she came out and was trying to call her driver to get the car. Being a weekend there was a lot of traffic.”

The source continues, “Even after trying several times, Katrina was unable to get through to the driver. Apparently he had parked her SUV in the basement and there was a problem with the network connectivity. By this time, people recognised her and a crowd started gathering. Thinking quickly, Katrina made her way to the road and hailed a rickshaw. She got into one with her manager while her bodyguards got into another and followed her.”

A source close to Katrina confirms, “Katrina couldn’t wait for the car any longer because people were starting to mob her. But she completely loved the rickshaw ride back home to Bandra from Andheri.”




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