Bipasha Basu sued for 5 crore!

11 02 2010

That this would happen was almost a given after the fracas in Hotel Ramada Plaza last weekend. Remember, we’d brought you a report on how actress

Bipasha Basu did not come to the after party of the launch of her fitness DVD?

And how, post that, all the parties involved were giving their contradictory versions of the events subsequent to that? There were also reports of  Bipasha Basu being harassed by the hotel management, an allegation that the hotel’s chairman, Ashok Mittal, promptly denied.

And now, the miffed hotelier has sent legal notices to Bipasha Basu, Shemaroo  Entertainment and also the PR company handling the event in Delhi, Add-on Entertainment. Though most of the legal notice (a copy of which is with DT) only lists out what has already been reported extensively, on page 7, it has been alleged that after waiting till 11 pm, when Bipasha did not come down to mingle with the guests, Mittal himself went to check why. He was told then, by the PRs of Shemaroo and Bipasha, that “apart from the arrangements which were done by Ramada Plaza, management will have to shell out Rs 30 lakh more to take Ms Bipasha Basu to the party”.

According to the notice, when Bipasha and Shemaroo’s representatives demanded an extra Rs 30 lakh at the last minute to have Bipasha make an appearance at the party, was when the deal began to fall apart, “as the Company had by this time already spent as much as about Rs 45 lakh towards the various arrangements,” says the document. The notice also accuses the other party of “attempted extortion threat”. Mittal has asked for damages “to the tune of Rs 5 crores” as “damages towards the loss of reputation, goodwill and standing”.

There is also detailed mention of the cake cutting ceremony, the crux of the dispute. As Mittal’s attorney Mohit Chaudhary told us, “It was all in the papers, and agreed upon.” It appears that the “cake cutting” issue, because of which Bipasha did not come down to the party from her room, because of which the whole event crashed, was already agreed upon. Point 5 of the itinerary (a copy of which is also with DT) specifies, among other things, “The cake having ‘Love Yourself’ on it, will be ready in front of her on the table. She cuts the cake and media captures the same. She then takes three pictures with the family of Ramada Plaza owners…”

When we put this point across to Hiren Gada of Shemaroo, he said, “It would be inappropriate for me to comment upon this at this point. The matter is sub judice now. My legal team is going through the papers right now.” We tried to reach Bipasha through calls and SMSed her business manager too, but she chose to maintain a silence till the time of going to press.



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