“Single and Silent”:Deepika Padukone!

11 02 2010

Deepika Padukone is hopping mad with a certain tabloid that claimed that there is a ‘special friendship’ brewing between Shahid Kapoor and her. When we asked the gal about it, with a hint of irritation she responded, “The more open I am with the press, the more they keep writing about me. You try to be honest and they don’t understand. So, I have decided to keep my mouth shut and not say anything at all. If speculation is the name of the game, then let the media speculate as much as they want.” Then, of course, we asked her the million dollar question, the one thing everybody in town is dying to know — her  relationship status with Ranbir Kapoor. Recently, some sections of the media reported that the ex-lovers were trying to patch up. “I don’t want to comment,” she replied, blushing like a  bride. So well, what is her relationship status, after all? Single? Or will she chose to stay silent about this, too? “Single and silent,” she shot back. Hmm… we think Ms Dee is  single, silent and super smart. Wotsay, dearies?




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