Ranbir’s favorite ride!

20 02 2010

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor might be one of the emerging stars of B-Town, but the guy is still to match the ways of one. Interestingly, when stars are known to be obsessed about their mean machines, here`s Ranbir whose fancy list has, guess what – cycle on the top!

His love for the bicycle was shared with the media recently at the set of Prakash Jha’s ‘Raajneeti’, where he said, “Our universe is going through global warming. Petroleum and other fuels are causing pollution, so whatever we can do to protect our health, our planet and to save greenery should be done. I believe cycling is a great mode of transportation. I completely encourage it. It not only helps in maintaining good health but also saves our planet”.

Very cleverly the Kapoor lad aligned his love ride with the global phenomenon, but according to the sources, it was known that Ranbir had always wanted to own a cycle but his mum had opposed the idea fearing the congested Mumbai roads.

Neetu tried reasoning with Ranbir saying that since he has a car, why does he need a bike? But Ranbir refused to give in. Whenever he got an opportunity, he used to coax Neetu to let him buy a bike or cycle. Apparently, he was able to convince her and now Ranbir is the proud owner of his new ride and it’s there to stay for long!




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