Bebo makes eating ghar ka khana fashionable!

22 02 2010

Actress Kareena Kapoor has never looked sexier… The oomphy damsel was in her element as she made it to a suburban 5-star hotel to egg on her friend-nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her new endeavour.Rujuta, who launched her book – How to lose weight without losing your mind – approximately a year ago – on its first anniversary, launched a wellness club called ‘Fettle Club’.

The word fettle means ‘in proper and fine condition’, and the aim of the ‘Fettle Club’ is to keep the body and mind in fine fettle. Kareena, who looked smashing, said, “I’ve been following Rujuta’s nutrition regime for two years now, and it has worked wonders for me. She taught me that fitness lies not in dieting but in eating right. Though I am on a nutritious diet plan, Rujuta ensures that I get my fair share of pizzas and pastas and doesn’t deprive me of any food that I am fond of.”

Founder of the ‘Fettle Club’ and nutritionist, Rujuta also had a few good words to say about her favourite client and wellwisher, Kareena. “She has revolutionized fitness and glamour. She has made eating ghar ka khana fashionable. I’ve never imposed a diet on Bebo, but she understands her body only too well now. She is disciplined and knows the mechanics of how it all works. Kareena will eat more when she is working or working out and will sensibly eat less when it’s a non-working day. She opts for fresh veggies which are so much healthier than the supposed health food tetra packs one can get over the counters these days.”

source : movies.indiatimes




One response

23 02 2010

Wow one tenth pass actress, promoting a verni, old and fat fitness instructor.

Ruj must be atleast 40, she has such an unappealing vernacular face.

Doesnt K know that one look at Ruj face, and ppl will realise that the club is as Z grade as Rujuta.

I guess K has to think of alternate careers now that her acting one is a flop and hence she invested money into this Z-grade fitness instructors Z grade club.

Pray y does Ruj wear the same blue top everywhere-no money to buy a new one eh? Afterall what does one expect from a middle class girl living in a lower class apartment complex in Mumbai. She has no money, poor thing.

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