Dear Diary..Kareena Kapoor & her day!

22 02 2010

Celeb Diary: Kareena Kapoor 22-02-2010

11.30 am: Really excited… welcome to my world. Woke up late due to jet lag, just back from skiing in Switzerland. Having my desi chai ‘n’ one slice of toast…

1 pm: Plan to do a bit of exercise and burn a bit of the fondue and chocolate I’ve been eating (or rather over-eating’). And then, a healthy lunch. My fav sabzi today, dudi and dal…yum!! (honestly)

3.30 pm: Have to leave for a seminar I am attending for Rujuta. Am addressing a few people from the US and UAE on fitness. It’s been a year since Don’t Lose Your Mind has been No 1 on the bestselling list!

4 pm: Just launched the organic vegetable bag at Rujuta’s event. The size of the bag is small and meant for buying vegetable for only two days. The idea is to spread awareness that one should buy fresh vegetables every day .

6 pm: The seminar went well! Now off to meet the light of my life, the most beautiful girl in the world, my little niece Samaira.

8 pm: Aah! How therapeutic that was! The two purest souls together. Lolo and Sam! Now have to get ready and head to the bash of my father figure, Dr Aggrawal.

10 pm: Dinner after the function with family, friends. Mom, Saifu, Shabz and gang.

12 am: Want to end this evening with a song that reflects my thoughts: Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. PS: Saifu has promised to play it for me on the guitar!

source : mid-day




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